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Food Photography and Styling Workshops

If you like FOOD and PHOTOGRAPHY then you will want to join us for ONE or MORE of our Food, Drink or Still Life Photography Workshops!

These FUN and EXCITING workshops will cover the use of natural and simple artificial lighting techniques for you to obtain beautiful and delectable, mouth-watering still-life shots of food, drinks and other smaller tabletop items. The classes are designed to give you the basics of simple set designing, arranging, styling and lighting.


These workshops are for EVERYONE who has the basic understanding of the MANUAL exposure control of their cameras. If you are not that familiar with your camera yet then you might first want to take the “Getting To Know Your Camera” and/or the “Fundamentals of Photography 101” workshops that we offer on a monthly basis.

These three (3) hour studio workshops will cover: Set design and building, props and other supporting items, simple lighting fixtures and easy to make light modifiers.

In These Workshops We Will Cover

• Quality and Direction of Light

• Back Lighting, Side Lighting and Top Lighting

• Modification of Light-Tools of the Trade

• Lighting Ratios

• Function and Placement of Light

Tools We Will Use

• Hand Held Flash Unit or Studio Strobes with adjustable output or incandescent bulbs along with the existing light available.

• Reflectors.

• Light box or framed translucent material.

What To Bring

• Digital SLR Camera with different exposure modes, mainly Manual Operation.

• Cable Release or Remote triggers.

• Tripod

• A detachable flash unit compatible with your camera-Helpful but NOT MANDATORY for this class.

• Camera Batteries

• Memory Cards


Familiarity with the operation of your camera and the basic understanding of photographic lighting. Or have taken one or more of our other basic courses

“Getting To Know Your Camera”

“The Fundamentals of Photography 101”

“Basic Lighting”

Food, Drink and Still-Life Workshops

Registration Fee: Only $75.00

3 (three) attendees minimum and 6 (six) attendees maximum. Attendees will work in teams of two and/or with the instructor.


Saturday Afternoon

Please Call For The Next Class or For Private Instruction


1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Island Images/Gallery of Hope

2036 14th Ave. STE 101,

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Downtown Main Street, Vero Beach