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We also organize the "BEST & MOST ACTIVE" Photographic Group on the Treasure Coast! Once you have the "Basic Fundamentals" of your cameras' operation under your belt it is time to go out and "PRACTICE"!

Our "Photographic Enthusiasts" have the opportunity to go out and shoot on a monthly basis, which affords them the chance to practice and capture new images during our exciting "PHOTOGRAPHIC ADVENTURES". We also conduct a monthly evening "CRITIQUE & SOCIAL". We believe critiques are much more productive than contests. The critiques provide members the chance to give and receive constructive criticism on each others' images so that everyone has the opportunity to IMPROVE AND GROW. Another fun and informative opportunity are our "COFFEE AND PHOTO CHAT" gatherings, just to talk about ANYTHING photographic so we may enlighten one another.

During the high seasonal months, we also hold a monthly movie night to gather and watch documentaries and other photography based movie to educate and inspire us in our work!

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Have you always wanted to learn more about your digital camera or are you interested in becoming more proficient in your photographic skills?


Do you TAKE YOUR TIME to execute the photograph that you INTEND to take or do you think that you might need a little help? Or possibly you’re a skilled photographer just looking for a group of like minded photographers to hang out with and grow your skills together? If you said "YES" then take a Photo Walk with a Professional Photographer and other skilled photographers! You might have thought that you wouldn’t be able to find someone willing to take a few moments to show you a few tricks and where to go shoot?

Well... NOW YOU HAVE!!

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Full-Time Professional Photographer for over 31 years, J. Scott Kelly of Vero Beach, FL has been offering photo walks around various cities and the state since 2007 to photographers interested in Photographic Adventures! These photo walks are designed for you the PHOTOGRAPHIC ENTHUSIAST to explore and find new ways of seeing the same thing. We offer photographic outings to many natural and man-made wonders as well as many historical sites and events found throughout the local area, state and throughout the South Eastern United States. Some of the subjects that we venture out to photograph are Bridges, Fountains, Events and many parts of "OLD FLORIDA"

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You will also find yourself exposed to NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY and LIGHT PAINTING as a few of the special fun opportunities!

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Here you will find some of the outings that we have embarked on:

Adventure Photography And Photo Walk Blog Page

If you are a beginner or Novice…NO PROBLEM! You might find that our “Getting To Know Your Camera” and  "The Fundamentals of Photography" workshops might be a good pre-requisite before you head out into the field.

Here are some of the basic Workshops that we offer on a monthly basis:



"BASIC STUDIO LIGHTING" Understanding lighting and basic studio set-ups


Our members also receive a 15-20% discount on most selected Classes & Workshops! We do have a Registration Fee of $60.00 (full year annual) or $40.00 (six months seasonal) which can be remitted below.


Please Check our FAQ PAGES for answers to most all of your questions!

If you still have questions please feel free to contact the organizer at 772-643-6994.

More complex workshops are also offered to more serious amateurs and professional photographers upon request. Basic studio lighting and equipment, along with hands on workshops that cover various genres such as portrait, fashion, product, and the business of photography will be covered.

Click the Banner above or button below to check us out & JOIN US!

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Adventure Photography and Photo Walks

APPW-Vero Group Registration

If you would prefer to pay the registration fee by check via mail please send and make payable to:

Adventure Photography, P.O. Box 690773, Vero Beach, FL 32969.

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