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Faces Of Hope

Island Images Professional Photographic Studio and the Gallery of Hope have kicked off a photographic portrait campaign to help raise funds for research and development towards new treatments for Endometrial Cancer in honor of our client, Doreen Frasca.

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A little bit about Doreen's journey...

Recurrent, inoperable, metastatic, Endometrial Cancer is doing its best to shorten my life. And I'm doing everything in my power to make sure it doesn't succeed. The predominant form of Uterine Cancer, Endometrial Cancer affects the uterine lining. Unlike many other cancers, its incidence is increasing at an alarming rate: it will be at epidemic proportions within 10 years. But I call it the “ignored” cancer. It has no celebrity spokesperson, no recognizable crossed ribbon, and hardly any funding. It is consistently last in funds received from the National Cancer Institute. When it metastasizes, it is every bit as deadly as pancreatic, lung, liver and a host of other cancers. Therefore, I have to be my own celebrity (or "celebrity in my own mind") and ask you to consider donating via my website to help accelerate research into drugs that will make this a manageable disease for me and for thousands of other women who are in the fight of our lives. While I travel up to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, their research and trials are made available to everyone. In fact, some of the drugs and procedures used experimentally on me are now standard treatment for others in my predicament across the country. That makes my fight worthwhile!

To learn more about Doreen's personal story and she will also share with you the shocking lack of funding for this disease please visit the website:  Please Read The Full Story Here

ALL professional business persons need an updated professional profile portrait… Realtors, Lawyers, Doctors, Bankers, Insurance Agents, ANYONE that has a social media presence!

It is really quite simple!

All that you have to do is book your headshot, small group or executive portrait between now and October 31, 2019. Island Images will donate 40% of the net proceeds to Doreen’s fund!

To participate in this fundraising campaign, please commit now and you’ll have until October 31, 2019, to schedule your portrait session.

If you really don’t want your portrait taken but you would like to participate and help, you can by simply purchasing a portrait session for a friend! Just put the person’s name and contact info in the comment box at checkout and we’ll contact them with the GREAT NEWS!

We can also donate the portrait session to one of the many non-profits in the area. Also, once you have received your final portrait, with your permission, we would like to include your portrait with all the other supporters’ portraits on the walls of our studio/gallery, (the “Gallery of Hope”), for an exhibition entitled "THE FACES OF HOPE"  which will be on display on or around October 2020.

Here is what you will receive:

An indoor studio portrait session with at least 12-18 proofs to choose from.

Your “Best Of” selection will receive all the basic editing (colour correction, shines, blemishes, stray hair removed, teeth and eyes brightened if necessary).

You will then be sent the final full resolution file(s) to use as you please.

Your Choices:

Single Portrait Session in studio $150.00

2 Person Portrait Session in the studio

(At the same time separate portraits) $225.00

3 Person Portrait Session in the studio (At the same time separate portraits) $300.00

Additional Portraits after (3) Three

At the same appointment $75.00

We will also come to your location!

Executive Portrait on Location $375.00

3 Person Portrait on Location (At the same time separate portraits) $375.00

Additional Portraits after (3) Three

At the same appointment $75.00